Audience Hijacking Protector

Audience Hijacking

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Browser extensions, plug-ins, and other browser add-ons have become so popular that more than one-third of current Chrome and Firefox users have at least one extension installed in their browser today.1, 2 Although some extensions are useful in driving online shoppers to your digital commerce site, some can also divert or distract from your customer journey causing significant revenue loss and potential privacy risks.

Key capabilities:

  • Real-time monitoring and assessment — Works across all major browsers with global infrastructure for fast collection wherever your users are
  • Support for popular extensions — Dozens of the world’s most widely used extensions are supported with new additions on a consistent basis
  • Rich, interactive dashboards — All product views are information-rich with granular analysis options
  • Easy blocking of unwanted browser activities — Allows website owners to block undesired and malicious extensions and ad injections, as well as affiliate fraud
  • No need for additional products — Stands alone and operates on the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, requiring no other Akamai or third-party products
  • Immediate analysis — With minimal configuration required, monitoring and analysis start immediately and provide real-time insights saving staff time