Brand protector

Brand protector

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Akamai Brand Protector Akamai Brand Protector detects and offers mitigation of targeted attacks including phishing, impersonations, and trademark piracy. Most important, Brand Protector allows you to safeguard your trusted relationships. More than 50,000 new phishing websites are created every week. Brand Protector inspects trillions of digital activities a day, across internal and external sources, to discover abuse of your organization’s brand and brand elements with speed and efficiency — often before an attack campaign launches. To accomplish all this, Brand Protector addresses the problem of fraudulent impersonations with a four-step approach: intelligence, detection, visibility, and mitigation.

The Zone Protection module proactively searches for permutations of your brand’s domains that could be used to turn customers into phishing victims, including:

  • Homoglyphs and fuzzy match domains
  • Cousin domains
  • Subdomains
  • TLD embedded domains
  • Other cybersquatting variants

Request mitigation in a click with integrated takedown services.