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Media Saturn Holding Polska Sp. z o.o.

“Time is money” This very simple sentence also has a big impact on e-Commerce finds itself at the crossroads of business, and with each passing day of increasing user mobility, it is gaining on the list.

47% of Internet users think the page will load within 2 seconds, 40% of which are most likely to leave the page if it is not loaded within 3.5 seconds.

Amazon, Google, Target, Research Strength, Diagnostic Testing, Website Sound Adjustment, can increase your conversion rate by up to 2%! That’s why at MediaMarkt we set the bar of converting e-commerce conversions to high. Thanks to the implementation of the AKAMAI solutions by WEBSEC out web efficiency went up by 30% !

We drastically decreased page load time and time interactive for desktop and mobile users.

Faster website in the long term has also impact on SEO and SEM rankings. Search engines just like fast-loading pages as they add one convenience to users and keep costs down.

Paweł Kuźma
E-Commerce Director
Media Saturn Holding Polska Sp. z o.o.